Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Slogan

(Yeah, so I'm not nearly as talented as somepups when it comes to creating the logos and such... I blame it on my Mom and her lack of appropriate computer design equipment.)


Harrooooooooooooooo! I've been by tagged Mud Monster and DWB as a...

I feel so Honored. I dunno who to tag next 'cause all my blogging friends have already been tagged! Sigh. Mom and her stoopid vacations. I've been away from the blogging scene too long...


Yeah, that's right. Stoopid. Mom's stoopid 'cause she went on vacation without us. And you know where she went?!?! Alaska!!! Can you believe it? I mean, I can understand why she didn't take the dumb puppybutt... he has like NO FUR at all and would probably freeze to death in summer. But not take ME!? I'm a husky, for Pup's sake! I'm MADE for Alaska! Humph.
Mom did say she saw lots and lots of Alaskan Huskies in Alaska, but no Siberian Huskies like me. Well, DUH. She didn't go to Siberia, now did she? (like I said, STOOOOOOOPID) She did get lots of pictures of mountains and flowers and stoopid junk like that. The only ones I liked were of the aminals. Like this seal... he looks like he'd be fun to play with ('cept for the whole being in the water thing... not too keen on that)