Friday, April 27, 2007

Big news!

Hi fellow pups! Sorry I've been gone so long from the Blog scene, but my Mom and the DeeLan went away for a long time and they took the laptop with them (grumble grumble). They came back smelling like all kinds of strange places - I can't believe they went without me!- But they had some very big news to tell me! (I actually already knew the news 'cause the DeeLan told me months ago, but I couldn't say anything in case Mom was reading my blog) Mom and the DeeLan are getting married! So, the DeeLan will be my Dad! How cool is that? I'm super excited 'cause I really like him, and now this means he'll be around furever... isn't that nice? Mom found a furever home for her and the DeeLan, just like me :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Picture thought for the day...

If a bone is made from rawhide (from cows), why does it taste like chicken instead of steak?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Goin' packin'

My Mom is a big fan of something called 'backpacking', which contrary to how it sounds does not involve packing things into your back. It does involve a lot of walking (yay) in the woods (yay yay) and sleeping in the little fabric doghouse (which Mom calls a 'tent'). I've done this 'backpacking' thing with my Mom a few times and I really like it. 'Cept for the part with the bugs. I hate bugs buzzing around me and will spend hours trying to snap them out of the air (which I actually am fairly accomplished at... I am a husky Ninja-in training, after all). Yeah... if it weren't for the bugs, I think I'd like to 'backpack' every day.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Sleepy positions

Since manypups have been posting about sleepy positions, I thought I'd show a few of ours... I personally prefer the donut position

Bean, Mom's first husky, liked the half-donut-paw-cross...

But he also really likes the reverse-froggie-doggie (his tummy is shaved in this picture 'cause he had to have an ultrasound... Bean had IBS like me and had all kinds of problems because of it).
I never do the froggie-doggie OR the reverse-froggie-doggie. Mom thinks I have trust issues with showing my tummy (I think it's 'cause I'm ticklish!)
But other than sleepy positions, I am a gentleman, and always cross my paws...

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Happy Easter

My cousin wanted me to post this Easter card she made for all the pups out there... she doesn't have her own blog, so she's making me post it on MINE. Jeez... just like a girl... forcing a guy to do stuff for her...

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


So, my surgery went fine. I hated being locked in that little kennel in the back of the vet's office though. My Mom knew I'd hate it, so she got off work early to pick me up as soon as the vet people said I was okay to go home. I was so groggy and tired, all I wanted to do was get home to my bed. They vet people gave my Mom some pain killers for my eye (it has one little stitch in it), so I got one of those Monday night and just conked out. I feel much better now, and since I haven't been bothering my eye at all, Mom's gonna take me to the dogpark to play with my cousin, Clemmie. Mom told Auntie that Clemmie's not allowed to bat me, though, 'cause we don't want her to hit my eye.

And YAY for the Gators!!!! Even though I was sleeping during the game, I was sending them warm, fluffy, woooooo's for good luck in my sleep! I guess it worked!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Go Gators!!!!

So, my DeeLan is an alumnus of University of Florida, and has recruited me to be an official Florida Gator (sorry, Sitka, I know you're a Dawg, but hopefully we can still be pals!) So, since the Florida Gators are playing OSU again (this time in basketball) all you pups out there who aren't affiliated with a university (or who don't mind lending your affiliation for an evening) wooooo for the Gators!!!

I also wanted to thank all the pups who gave helpful hints on how to de-skunk me. My Mom did try the H2O2/NaHCO3 mixture (sorry, Mom's a chemist and she makes me do dorky things like use the correct chemical abbreviations for stuff... *sigh*) and it worked at first, but I've become stinky again. She tried the Nature's Miracle skunk stuff, and that worked for my collar, but not for me. She may try the 'mix' again... ACK. yet another bath. I may have to revolt.

I'm in my surgery today, so any well wishes and crossed paws would be welcomed. Hopefully I'll be fully recovered in time for the Gator/Buckeye showdown tonight (if not, Mom promised to let me lay on the couch with her while we watch the game! Woooooo!)