Tuesday, May 29, 2007


So, I've been tagged by Sitka and Tasha and Eva to tell 7 things about myself... since I was tagged twice, I'll let my dorky new brother tell 7 things about himself too.

1) I am much smaller than a normal male husky. I only weigh 44 lbs and everyone thinks I'm a puppy since I'm so gangly and lanky (you can see in this pic how skinny I was right after I adopted my Mom... back then I was only 38 lbs!). This is why my Mom calls me Mini... and Mini-bits, and Itty-bitty, and Bitty, and Bits, and Mini-Moo... sigh... the list goes on and on.
2) I must kill anything that squeeks! Mom loves to get me squeeky toys 'cause I go nuts, but they never last long 'cause I figure out how to silence them immediatly. I think the longest I had a toy still squeek was a week (and that's 'cause I left it outside in the yard and forgot about it), normally they last all of 30 minutes.
3) I love boy dogs and male humans the best ('cept for my Mom). At the dog park I almost never play with girl dogs ('cause they are usually mean), and I love to hang out with 'the guys'. Mom says I'd make a great Frat house dog.
4) Even though I like male humans, I follow my Mom everywhere instead of my Dad (that's what I call the DeeLan now). I have to be in the same room as her or at least waiting outside the room she's in (like when she's in the bathroom) at almost all times. Gotta keep and eye on her, you know.
5) I love to lay on my Mom's chest when she's in bed. Kind of like a cat; I'll lay on her chest with my face in her face and lick her. Since I'm only 44 lbs she says it's not that bad (although, she said something about tuna breath!)
6) I am not food guardy at all. I let my cousin Clemmie and my new brother Duncan eat out of my bowl with me all the time. I can get a little snarfy over toys, but I never get mad, I just let them know it's mine! (although, I have been known to just give it over if my stoopid little brother pesters me a lot... if he really wants it THAT bad...)
7) I'm not very fluffy for a husky. My hair is pretty short and I don't have much impressive fluffiness (not like Meeshka or my cousin Clemmie). But I still have WAY more fluffiness than Duncan. He's slick like an eel!

Speaking of the slippery little doof...

1) He's much darker than a normal Weem-R-Wamer. I guess they are supposed to be a 'mouse-gray'... he's more like a 'steel-gray'. (that's what my Mom says. I have no idea what that means since I'm a DOG and can't see most colors...DUH)
2) He loves to walk between people's legs.. even when they are trying to walk. It's made for some pretty funny shows since Mom ain't all that coordinated to begin with... harr rooo rooooo!
3) He likes to body-slam me... a LOT! (and since he has a good 20 lbs in me, he normally succeeds... but I'm getting better at jumping out of the way!)
4) His nick-name is Dunky Monkey. Harr rooo roo! That's WAY worse than Mini-bits!
5) He SNORES. (this is something that drives my Mom bonkers, 'cause she's a super light sleeper... so he's been 'encouraged' a lot lately to go sleep out on the couch in the living room)
6) He's hungry ALL the time! Me, being a husky, and more of a finicky eater, cannot understand how he eats EVERYthing. Sometimes he's come over and stick his big schnoz in my bowl while I'm eating! How rude is that? But I don't get mad... (see my #6)
7) He's annoying... oh wait.. Mom said that's not what is meant by 'things about you'. Okay... how about he's a suck-up? Or he's way less smart than me? Or he smells like dog? (Mom says I'm being mean... but those things are all true!!!)

So now I'm gonna tag Althea AND her brother Lares (since he's from the same rescue as me!)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Meet the doofy puppy

Since Duncan is now an official part of our family, I thought I'd give him a proper introduction. He's a goofball, but he is fun, so I'm glad to have him in our fur-ever family. First off, he is a Weem- R-Wamer, which is a special breed of dog that finds stuff. What does he find? Ways to be annoying and a suck-up, I'm sure. Harrr rooooo. Actually, I think he's supposed to find birds or something, but he's also supposed to bring them back to the owner which, as any self-respecting Husky knows, is just plain foolish. He's very different looking from a Husky, as you can see, with those long floppy ears, that big schnoz, and that short, completely unfluffy fur.

(for some reason Mom is just ecstatic over his lack of fluffiness... something about it being SO much easier to give him a bath. DUH, woman! What purpose do you think my water- resistant, moisture- repelling fluffiness is for other than making it so miserable to bathe me in the hopes you will STOP DOING IT! sigh...)

He also has this funny little nub of a tail, not at all like my magnificent plume. He likes to hit me with his butt and stick that little nub in my face, so I usually just poing over him to avoid it. And even though he looks the same size as me, he's about 20 lbs heavier (he's dense, and in more than one way... harr harr rooooo) so he tries to push me around. But, I got the moves, and I got the speed, and no nubby-butt puppy is gonna bully me around! Seriously though, we play very nice with each other (it makes the humans happy) and he's alright for a puppy. Can't blame him for not being as intelligent, cunning, quick and agile as I am. He's not a Husky, afterall.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It's official...

Well, it's decided. Mom and the DeeLan want to keep the little nubby puppybutt. I gave them my blessing 'cause I think he's pretty cool too. I mean, yeah, he does step on me a lot, and he tries to push me outta the way when we get pets, but I'm way faster than he is, so I sneak through the side anyway. Plus, it's fun to chase him around at the dogpark and steal his toys (he lets me steal 'em, I think, 'cause he likes me to play with him more than the toys. Stoopid puppies.) Plus, the BEST part is, since he came, we go to the dogpark every day! Mom keeps saying tired puppies are good puppies, which is what I've been telling her for years, but I guess she figured since I'm so amazingly well behaved anyway (remember, folks, it's a plot... don't go thinkin' I'm a suck-up or anything) that I only needed a walk or some play time, but the dog park is way better!

Here we are on our way to the park yesterday. (I was telling Dunc that if we split up and he went right and I went left, we could confuse the humans and take over the dogpark [wink]!)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My new buddy?

So, Mom and the DeeLan brought a puppy home last weekend. They said he was another foster dog (not AGAIN!), but that if he works out okay, he may stay. Hmmm... what is this all about? Turns out the lady who is fostering him had to go on vacation (why, oh WHY don't these people take us with them when they go on vacation?!?!?) and Mom volunteered to let him stay with us. Mom also thought that he might be a good fit for our family, and since we are looking for another fur-sibling... well, you can guess the rest.

His name is Duncan, and he's what the DeeLan calls a Weem- R-Wamer, or something like that. AKA, he's grey, floppy and wiggles a lot. And he insists on carrying MY toys around. He's pretty fun, I guess, for a dorky puppy, but he's a total suck-up (plus I don't think he's the brightest bulb on the tree... but then, he's not a Husky). Mom and especially the DeeLan seem to like him, and he lets me boss him around. Although, he has a tendency to step on me... grrrrr... I hate that. I have to WOOOOooo at him when he does that. Big, stoopid, dummy puppy-heads. I tell ya'.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sibling search

So, I've been looking online for my new fur-sibling and it's a tough job! Mom and the DeeLan promised that I would get to be the final say in who we bring into our furever family. I know some pups had mentioned we should adopt another Husky, but Mom and the DeeLan said they are thinking of just looking around and seeing who peaks our interest. There aren't too many huskies in Sandy Egg-O (I can see that with the whole No Snow thing and all). I like all dogs ('cept those goofy Chihuahuas), so anypup is fine with me... well, as long as they aren't a really mean girldog. And they prolly have to get along with my Cousin Clemmie since she comes over all the time. The DeeLan said he wants a dog that 'can be trusted off-leash'. Off-leash? What's that? I thoughts the rules was you go outside the fence or house and the leash had to be on! Hmmmm...

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

New fur-sibling on the way?

So, a lot of pups have responded to my last post asking if I'll get any new fur-siblings when my Mom and the DeeLan get hitched. Unfortunately, the only fur-kids that the DeeLan had recently were (ack) Cats. He had a pup when he was younger, but he (his name was Skippy) went to the Rainbow Bridge in Dec '05; I hear he was a great dog though and the DeeLan loved him very much. The Cats (ack) are not with the DeeLan 'cause they stayed with their Mom (thank PUP for that... although, it would be awful fun to pounce and chew on them for a while... but Mom says 'No Way'). BUT... Mom and the DeeLan have been talking about maybe adopting me a brother or sister! Woooooooooooooooooooo! I mean, I get to go to the dog park and play with all the dogs a lot, and I see my dorky cousin Clemmie like every week, but to have a pup-friend to play with all the time would be great! I think that we may all go visit the dog jail in the next few weekends to see if we can spring a deserving pup their freedom and bring them home to be part of our furever family. Isn't that wonderful! Woo!