Monday, February 12, 2007

Story of me (part 6): the final foster dog tales

Harrooooooo, wow! I didn't know everyone was waiting so long to find out the ending to the story! Guess it's the suspense that gets everyone's fur up!

Well, all other things aside, it was going to be the boyhusky (the one I got along with), but Mom was so impressed how well I got along with the last little girlhusky (as you know, I have a history of issues with girldogs) that she ended up being our next foster. Little did I know, she'd stick around for a long, long time. Her name became Clementine...

She was (is) an odd little husky (she was even littler than me, which is pretty impressive as I am only 42 lbs... she's chunked out since then, living it up with Auntie). She came from a very bad situation and was very afraid of men. Mom and Auntie HiDeeHo worked with her to get her used to different people, but she still has some issues with certain malehumans. She really bonded to Auntie HiDeeHo, so much so that Auntie really became her Mom. And instead of adopting another family, she ended up staying with us.

She's okay, and I definitely put up with her more than other girldogs. I even let her sleep next to me sometimes, which I normally don't do for any dogs (as I said, I like my space).

Clemmie came from a situation where she was kept inside with lots of other dogs and never got to go outside, ever, so she had a hard time learning that dogs are supposed to go potty outside. She also wanted to stake her claim on everything since she thought I'd take it from her (as if), so Mom and Auntie had to work with her to teach her the ropes. Part of that was having us stay in our dogboxes when no one was home... see, I don't stay in a dogbox anymore 'cause I am totally trustworthy (well... except for the whole undies thing...)

So, after Clemmie came to live with us, we didn't take any more fosters. We did have some pretty cool new dogs come into our lives though, through Mom working with other rescues.

The first was Bo... he was a husky that we helped for a rescue called Roxie's Fund. He stayed with Stout's Dad since I didn't get a long with him that great, but we got to play sometimes and wrassle like true huskies (Clemmie doesn't wrassle... we just play by jumping around and batting each other in the head with our paws). Bo later adopted a very nice lady who always wanted a Husky (who doesn't?) and went to his furever home too.

Hmmm... trying to think back who came after Bo... well, one dog that did come into our lives was a very special little huskygirl. The story behind her is very touching, but it's kinda long, so I'll tell it in the next segment of the Story of Me. Thanks to all the devoted fans. You guys rock the HuskyHouse!!!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Story of me (part 5): the final foster dog tales

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. Mom hasn't let me get on the laptop lately (I need to get my own).

So, where was I? I think I left off with Ostara being adopted (thank GOD). It was a bit before we got another foster, and this time it was a boydog. But, not a fullhusky, a huskymix like Stout. His name was Lager (Mom has a thing for naming dogs after beer apparently). He was pretty cool, but he did spend most of his time at Stout's house. See, Lager really didn't like being in his dog box (in fact, one time he jumped around in there so much he gave himself a concussion... DUH!), and since Stout's Dad was home more during the day, Lager went to stay with him and Stout. I got to go too most of the time, but they're both bigger than me, so I got tired of being knocked around while they wrestled... (that's Stout on the left looking crazy.) Lager didn't stay very long as a family came to adopt him a few weeks later. He was one of the better ones, though...

So, after Lager, the rescue Mom helped had an emergency with a lot of Huskies that needed to find foster homes. See, Stout, Branwen and Ostara, plus all the other huskies that stayed with us for a day or two) were all through the rescue Mom helped with, Tails of the Tundra. That's the rescue where I came from (you can see my story here). But Pippin and Lager were both from local shelters that Mom also helped. When Mom heard that all these huskies needed help, she decided that we'd get another foster, girldog or boydog, whoever needed it the most (and I got long with okay). We had to drive really really far to this place where they had a big fenced in yard for me to run around. And it was just like in my adoption! They would bring the huskies out one by one and introduce us to each other to see if we got along (there were other foster families there too trying to find fosterdogs). I got to meet 4 dogs that day. The first dog, a boydog, I didn't like at all. He was kinda mean and hyper. The next dog, a girldog, was also pretty hyper, so much so that she didn't even want to sniff me, she just kept running and running around. The next dog was a boydog who was pretty cool. We got along really well, but he was still kinda snarfy with me. Mom thought it might just be from being cooped up so much, so we considered him. The next dog was a girldog, and I was afraid of her before she even came in the yard. She looked at me thorough the fence and said in dogspeak 'I'm gonna get you.' Seriously!!! It was creepy! I started to bark and yap at her through the fence to tell her off, and Mom almost didn't let her in, but she was so little and harmless looking (HA), that they brought her in anyway. Turns out she was all talk, 'cause we ran around a bit and she didn't do anything. She was actually a big scardydog.

So, who did Mom choose to be my next foster sibling? Can you guess????

Friday, February 2, 2007

Everyone needs a little Bling

my pimped pic!

One of my many talents

So, back when I lived in the apartment in Merry Land, my Mom used to keep a very close watch on me. I was a young pup, after all, and she took a lot of precautions to make sure I didn't get into mischief. One day, though, she was in the living room and she heard me in the bathroom. She went into the bathroom to make sure I wasn't doing anything fun like pulling tasty Kleenex out of the trash or unrolling the toilet paper, and this is what she found...

... adorable me, standing in the tub. I had hopped in there all by myself. I didn't appear to be doing anything but standing there, so she laughed and left. (This was before she gave me my first bath. See, before my Mom, I had never been given a bath in a bath tub, so I didn't know that they were the arena in which horrible torture of dogs takes place... you'd never catch me hopping into one of those willingly NOW.) I was in there a while longer, but she didn't hear anything, and since Huskies are known to like to sleep in the bath tub, she figured I was napping. Until I came charging out of the bathroom with something in my mouth... harr harrroooooo... see, I had figured out how to pull out the tub stopper. It was one of those that screws into the drain, and you push down to close and push again to open. It had been securely screwed in, but I used my paws and mouth to unscrew it 'cause I thought it would be a wonderful toy! Pretty sneaky, huh?

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Story of me (part 4): MORE foster dog tales

So, I heard through the dogvine that Branwen got fat before she went to her new home. It's hard for us Huskies to get fat since we are always so energetic, but it can happen. My Mom's always complaining that she can't keep weight on me (little does she know, it's my constant practicing of my CaNinja skills that keeps me trim). But, in Branwen's honor, since she was a pretty nice girldog (unlike most of them), I'll give you another picture of her when she was in her modeling prime.

Also, a question was asked about Jindos, "Are they smaller than Sibes?" They are normally a little smaller, but Pippin was pretty little even for a Jindo. He was about 32 lbs. He really kinda looked like the dog in this picture.

Um, where was I? Oh yeah... the (dum dum DUM) evilest of the evil, mean, horrible girldogs! So, after Stout, Branwen and Pippin, Mom decided to give another girldog a chance, so she brought home Ostara. Now, you're probably saying, "She looks okay.". Ostara seemed nice at first, but turns out she is the spawn of SATAN!! She used to suck up to Mom and Auntie HiDeeHo all the time, and once their back was turned, come over and bite me! Then, as soon as I growled or told her to back off, she'd whip around, look all innocent, so I got in trouble! Can you believe that?!?!?!? Once, she was picking on me when Mom was in the other room, and I'd just had enough, so I busted out the crazy karate CaNinja moves on her, but I forgot to position myself optimally, so my back was to the stairs. She got me cornered and I was defeated! BY A GIRL!!! It was so humiliating. I had to be rushed to the vet and get an X-ray and my leg all bandaged up.

I hate stoopid, mean girldogs.

Another thing she used to do was pee on what she thought was hers. So stoopid. She got pretty attached to Auntie HiDeeHo, and once peed right outside her door, as if to say, "Mine, mine, mine." Mom was so angry! Harr harrrroooooo. Didn't get blamed for that one! Thankfully, she adopted a nice family with no other dogs, so she could be the stoopid center of attention. She does live with a Cat, who she supposedly gets along with. Should have known... she's a Cat-lover! That explains soooooo much.

Since Ostara was such a meanie, Mom didn't have any more fosters for a bit after that, so I got to be an only dog for a while. Stout still came over a lot, and we had lots of dogs come to stay with us for a night or a day (Mom said she was 'transporting' them to adoptions so they could find their furever homes too). My favorite was a red and white Husky named Jade Ann. She was super nice for a girldog, and Mom said she would have come to stay with us furever, but she adopted a nice family the next day, so she didn't.