Friday, September 7, 2007

Duncan Revisited

Okay, okay... so I wasn't so nice about my dorkie brother's name game the other day. So, I'll let him do his OWN game. Here goes...

(guest speaker, Duncan)

Oh yayayayayaya! Ok, ok... so my name's not Nubby. It's Doodle!!! I like the name Doodle, yeah. Mommy and Daddy call me that. DOODLE!!!

D rag! I like to drag stuff around, 'specially my blanky and my big rope toy!

O of! That's the noise I make when I hear a suspicious noise. OOF!

O ver the couch! I like to jump over the couch!

D ash! Frodo says that's a fancy way to say run, and I love to run!

L icks! I love to give licks to everyone!


(back to Frodo)

So there you have it. The brainiac came up with answers all by himself. Maybe tomorrow we'll let his do the other name game and see what Einstein can come up with then. Woo.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another Name Game!

Here's another name game I got from Holly and a lot of otherpups...

What is your name? Frodo
4 letter word: Four!!! (as in Golf, which my Grampa plays a LOT)
Vehicle: Ferrari
TV Show: Fooled by Nature
City: Frederick, Merry-Land (where we lived before we came to Sandy Egg-O)
Boy Name: Frank
Girl Name: Flo
Alcoholic Drink: Four Horsemen (don't know what this is, but Mom says it's REALLY strong!)
Occupation: Firefighter (they are fearless!)
Something you wear: Fur (well, we do... if it's the bipeds, it better be faux fur!)
Celebrity: Farrah Fawcett
Food: Fudge (I'm not allowed to have it, but I hear it's yummy)
Something found in a bathroom: Faucet
Reason for being late: Forgot!
Cartoon Character: Fievel the Mouse
Something You Shout: Four!!!! (for golf again... harrroooooo)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Name Game Tag

Coolest of the MalGals, Holly, tagged me for the middle name game. Here's the rules: find a word that goes with the letters of your middle name that describes something about you. The trouble with this, of course, is the divulging of my middle name. You all know me as Frodo K. Banks, but what the 'K' stands for is one of my many CaNinja secrets. If I told anyone that, I'd have to... well, you might never see them again. Woo.

So, instead of my middle name, I'll use one of the names my Mom and Dad call me, which is also another of my Japanese names... 'FotoMotoSan'...

F abulous - no need to state the obvious

O bservant - as a Ninja, I see all

T enacious - when I want something, I don't give up easily!

O ne with nature - I love to be outside

M agnificent - yep. obvious. again.

O rderly - I like things 'just so'

T racker - I am an amazing huntsman

O rnery (HEY! Mom threw that in there!!!)

S wift - so fast, I'm almost invisible! (ok, maybe not, but that'd be cool, wouldn't it?)

A gile - I'm super quick on my paws

N oble - I fight for the good of all pupkind!

I guess to be fair, we should also let Dorkboy play... Duncan doesn't have a middle name, so we'll go with Nubby, since that's what he gets called most of the time.

N umbskull

U nbelievably stoopid

B ig dork

B umps into me all the time and annoys me

Y aps like a girl when he doesn't get what he wants...

*sigh*... Mom just told me that's not nice. But it's all true!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dorky Brother

So, how many of you out there suffer from Dorky Brother Syndrome? I've been a sufferer of DBS for 2 months now and I feel your pain!
My doofus of a brother found a new toy the other day. Yep, instead of playing with the toys Mom and Dad give us, he likes to play with junk he pulls out of the recycling bin. He got a yogurt container out the other day and was having a ball throwing the stoopid thing around for hours, oblivious to whatpup he was hitting with it! Dork almost got it stuck on his big schnoz, and there wasn't even any yogurt in it!!! I finally got annoyed and decided to chew it into pieces, knowing full well Mom would take it away once she saw we were breaking it apart. Ha! That'll teach him to throw stuff at me!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Interview with my Mom

So, I decided that it was necessary to interview my Mom like somepups have been doing. It was a very informative experience ('cept maybe for Duncan, who's a big dork).

Frodo: 'So, Mom, tell us a bit about me...errr, I mean, about how you came to be adopted by me.'
Mom: 'Well, Mini, technically, I adopted you..'
Frodo: 'Whatever...'
Mom: 'Be polite. I had wanted to adopt a rescue pup and had applied to Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue. As you told in your Story of Me, TOTTSHR came to the house with several huskies and you just happened to be the one that I chose.'
Frodo: 'So I struck you as perfect? Irresistible? Undeniable?'
Mom: 'Well, no... more like you were howling your head off. Squeaky wheel and all.'
Duncan: 'Squeaky???? Where's a squeaky?!?!?!'
Frodo: 'Shut up, dork.'
Mom: 'Be nice. So I took you home with me.'
Frodo: 'And what about dork-boy over there.'
Duncan: 'Play!'
Mom: 'Well, your Dad wanted to get you a friend, but he wanted a pup who would listen...'
Frodo: 'Hey! I listen!'
Mom: 'As in listen to him.'
Frodo: 'What? I'm supposed to listen to more than one of you? I listen to you [cough] sometimes... isn't that good enough?'
Mom: 'Of course it is, Bits, it's just that Dad wanted a pup that obeyed commands. And Dunkie is very good at that.'
Duncan: 'Yay! I'm good, I'm good!'
Frodo: 'Yeah, takes special talent to sit at everything.'
Mom: 'Plus, Dunkie can be off-leash, whereas you like to... well, roam free.'
Frodo: 'Hey, I'm a busy guy. Places to see, things to sniff and all.'
Mom: 'Sure you do. But wouldn't it be nice to stick around with your Mom and Dad...'
Frodo: 'Next topic! So, you adopted me and then we moved to Sandy Egg-O. Hot, dry, no snow Sandy Egg-O. What's up with that?'
Mom: 'Well, I took a really good job offer that brought us out here.'
Frodo: 'And what is this 'job' you speak off? Is this where you go for most of the day [underbreath] leaving me here with the moron?'
Duncan: 'What's a moron? Is it a toy? Can I have it? Can I, can I, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease????'
Mom: 'No Dunkies. Calm down. Frodo, be nice to your brother. And yes, my job is where I go for most of the day.'
Frodo: 'What is it you do?'
Mom: 'Well, technically, I manage a chemistry department for a biotech company.'
Frodo: 'And that means...'
Mom: 'Nevermind. It's pretty boring and technical.'
Frodo: 'Yeah. Sounds it. On to the next topic... when do we get to go for a walkie?'
Mom[shouting over Duncan's barking]: 'Frodo!!!'

Alaska wooooooo!

I really think Mom should have taken me to Alaska with her... doesn't the glacier ice look fun?!?!?!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Who's cooler?

Dunkie thinks he's a rockstar just cause he can dance the hula..

... but then, he doesn't know how to RAVE!!