Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Interview with my Mom

So, I decided that it was necessary to interview my Mom like somepups have been doing. It was a very informative experience ('cept maybe for Duncan, who's a big dork).

Frodo: 'So, Mom, tell us a bit about me...errr, I mean, about how you came to be adopted by me.'
Mom: 'Well, Mini, technically, I adopted you..'
Frodo: 'Whatever...'
Mom: 'Be polite. I had wanted to adopt a rescue pup and had applied to Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue. As you told in your Story of Me, TOTTSHR came to the house with several huskies and you just happened to be the one that I chose.'
Frodo: 'So I struck you as perfect? Irresistible? Undeniable?'
Mom: 'Well, no... more like you were howling your head off. Squeaky wheel and all.'
Duncan: 'Squeaky???? Where's a squeaky?!?!?!'
Frodo: 'Shut up, dork.'
Mom: 'Be nice. So I took you home with me.'
Frodo: 'And what about dork-boy over there.'
Duncan: 'Play!'
Mom: 'Well, your Dad wanted to get you a friend, but he wanted a pup who would listen...'
Frodo: 'Hey! I listen!'
Mom: 'As in listen to him.'
Frodo: 'What? I'm supposed to listen to more than one of you? I listen to you [cough] sometimes... isn't that good enough?'
Mom: 'Of course it is, Bits, it's just that Dad wanted a pup that obeyed commands. And Dunkie is very good at that.'
Duncan: 'Yay! I'm good, I'm good!'
Frodo: 'Yeah, takes special talent to sit at everything.'
Mom: 'Plus, Dunkie can be off-leash, whereas you like to... well, roam free.'
Frodo: 'Hey, I'm a busy guy. Places to see, things to sniff and all.'
Mom: 'Sure you do. But wouldn't it be nice to stick around with your Mom and Dad...'
Frodo: 'Next topic! So, you adopted me and then we moved to Sandy Egg-O. Hot, dry, no snow Sandy Egg-O. What's up with that?'
Mom: 'Well, I took a really good job offer that brought us out here.'
Frodo: 'And what is this 'job' you speak off? Is this where you go for most of the day [underbreath] leaving me here with the moron?'
Duncan: 'What's a moron? Is it a toy? Can I have it? Can I, can I, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease????'
Mom: 'No Dunkies. Calm down. Frodo, be nice to your brother. And yes, my job is where I go for most of the day.'
Frodo: 'What is it you do?'
Mom: 'Well, technically, I manage a chemistry department for a biotech company.'
Frodo: 'And that means...'
Mom: 'Nevermind. It's pretty boring and technical.'
Frodo: 'Yeah. Sounds it. On to the next topic... when do we get to go for a walkie?'
Mom[shouting over Duncan's barking]: 'Frodo!!!'


Holly said...

Great interview! Sorry you have such a dorkie brother! I have one of those too.


Abby said...

Hello, I just saw your link on Maddie and Frankie's blog. Great interview with your mom! least you have a brother..though, if I get a brother, I want a smart one. ;-)

Maddie & Frankie said...

We live in the Los Angeles Area!
How cool you are in Sandy Egg-O,
u can come hav a Sibe-tini and lounge around. Do you go to the beaches in Sandy Egg-O?

Frankie Girl

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Sandy-Egg-O sounds hot. I saw your comment on my blog. We'll be moving to southern Maryland, near Paxtuent River Naval Air Station. Mom and Dad are thinking about trying to find something in California, Maryland. I think Sandy-Egg-O is in California, so maybe we will see each other. You can come over when you need to get away from your brother.


Kapp pack said...

Great interview with your mom. I have a dorky little brother too!

-Kelsey Ann

Amici said...

That was a great interview! I've never been to Sandy Egg O but my parents have. They loved it there and thought it was very beautiful.

Cubby said...

You should work for CNN!