Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Story of me (part 1)

So, I overheard my Mom talking to a lady about how I found her, and I think it's a pretty neat story, so I thought I might tell it. A lot has happened in my life ('specially now that I'm a whopping 5 yrs old). So, I'll start from the very beginning...

What happened to me when I was a very young pup is a bit of a mystery to my Mom (I mean, I know, but I ain't gonna tell her as some of it is related to how I became destined to be a amazing Husky Ninja, and like with all superheros, their true past must be a mystery). All that is known is that I ended up at dogjail as a young pup of maybe 4-6 months. It was pretty bad there, but a family came by and bailed me out, thinking I was pretty darn cute (which I am). I didn't stay with them very long 'cause I was young and stoopid, and didn't know yet that I was destined to become a Husky Ninja, so I did all those things young huskies have a tendency to do (you know, the standard destroy stuff, play 'ricochet off the human' and 'annoy the small humans till they cry')... Aaaagh, the good ol' days. So yeah, the family sent me back to dogjail, but this time, it was to a jail that only gives you 4 DAYS until you go to theroomfromwhichnodogreturns. [gulp] Luckily for me, the stars knew I was destined to become a Husky Ninja, and I was rescued by a nice lady from TOTTSHR who took me to her house. She had a LOT of other dogs there, and I wanted to play with them really bad, but no sooner than I got there, I was taken on this LONG car ride, in a big van with lots of other Huskies. We met all kinds of people that day, and one of the dogs that was with me was my later-to-be doofus foster brother, Stout.

(As you can see from the picture, he's a big dork... but we'll get to that later.)

So, anyway, we met a few people who were kinda nice, and then got to this house where my Mom's Mom lived. My Mom (of course) was there, and so was my Auntie HiDeeHo and even Stout's later-to-be dad! (as you can see, the stars have a funny way of making things work out... we Huskies understand this, and try to pass our Dog Zen understanding onto the humans, but they are usually oblivious.) I got the inkling that something covert was going on as they took us out of our cages in the van one-by-one and introduced us to the people. See, there were also two other dogs there that owned my Gram-Mom. Now, since I'm pretty smart, and a very quick study, I noticed that they were introducing the Huskies to these two dogs, and if the Husky was nasty and snarfy to the two dogs, they got put back in the cage in the van. But, if they were nice, they got to go run around in a big yard and play. So, since I'm no dummy, I discerned that these two dogs could be secret operatives, and maybe this was a TEST! I knew that this could possibly be a clue into my calling in life, so I made sure to be nice to the two dogs (I even play-bowed to the maledog), and so I got to go play in the big yard. Turns out, the two dogs were really cool, especially the maledog, Brinkley, who's my best pupfriend. Good thing I'm so smart, because turns out Chloe ranks very high in the CaNinja (what we call Dog Ninjas) society. They are the reason I learned of my destiny to become a Husky Ninja... (to be continued...)


Althea said...

Hey Frodo,

Thank goodness for groups like TOTTSHR. Without them there would be lots more homeless huskies out there. If only people would realize that it is just our nature to have lots of energy.

Your foster brother does look like a bit of a doofus. Must me something to do with the weird ears just like my floppy eared doofus brother Larry.

IndyPindy said...

I'm so glad you got into a rescue and found such a good home! My mom and dad volunteer for a rescue too and they love it. Good for your humans for adopting!

IndyPindy said...

Hey Frodo,
My mom thinks she knows who your mom is. Is your mom's name Stefanie?