Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Name Game Tag

Coolest of the MalGals, Holly, tagged me for the middle name game. Here's the rules: find a word that goes with the letters of your middle name that describes something about you. The trouble with this, of course, is the divulging of my middle name. You all know me as Frodo K. Banks, but what the 'K' stands for is one of my many CaNinja secrets. If I told anyone that, I'd have to... well, you might never see them again. Woo.

So, instead of my middle name, I'll use one of the names my Mom and Dad call me, which is also another of my Japanese names... 'FotoMotoSan'...

F abulous - no need to state the obvious

O bservant - as a Ninja, I see all

T enacious - when I want something, I don't give up easily!

O ne with nature - I love to be outside

M agnificent - yep. obvious. again.

O rderly - I like things 'just so'

T racker - I am an amazing huntsman

O rnery (HEY! Mom threw that in there!!!)

S wift - so fast, I'm almost invisible! (ok, maybe not, but that'd be cool, wouldn't it?)

A gile - I'm super quick on my paws

N oble - I fight for the good of all pupkind!

I guess to be fair, we should also let Dorkboy play... Duncan doesn't have a middle name, so we'll go with Nubby, since that's what he gets called most of the time.

N umbskull

U nbelievably stoopid

B ig dork

B umps into me all the time and annoys me

Y aps like a girl when he doesn't get what he wants...

*sigh*... Mom just told me that's not nice. But it's all true!


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

hmmm... are you being completely fair to Duncan? That sounds like something I would have said to Ulee. Or something Wilbur would say about us!


Holly said...

Wow Frodo, that's a really long name! But, you had great words for each letter!

You were suppose to let your dorky brother pick his OWN words. We know what YOU think of him!! :-)